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    5 ft. 0 in.
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    High School
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    Computers Hardware
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It’s hard for me to descried myself but i think i’m a young man that was raise up in a Christian family therefore I don’t joke with the things of God, and i’m a very open minded person, I love to crake jokes, make new friends, I love traveling, cooking, reading and most of all making people happy is my hobby. I respect everybody but most especially women. I believe in helping the orphans, the widows, the poor, the needy, people with disability and the less previllagd in the world.

What I am looking for

I would like to meet someone that really is trustworthy. Someone that is mature but still can have alot of fun. I try to be polite and am self conscious about manners, so would like someone that is aware of their actions also. I like a man that can dress nice when the occasion arises but most times casual, sporty. I want someone that can work with me and towards a good future. I like to be able to relax also and enjoy life, so I don't want someone is a workaholic and I don't want a computer geek as I like to be outdoors alot. PLEASE NOBODY HUNGUP ON RELIGION OR PREACHING.